Fee Schedule

Trading Fees

*Except for special instructions, the transaction fee for all transactions is 0.2%. The fee is in the form of deducting 0.2% of your purchased assets.

*If you hold TOK, you can use the equivalent TOK to deduct the fee.

*When using TOK deduction, the transaction fee is reduced by 50%, as the fee rate is reduced to 0.1%.

*In order to better serve our users, TOKOK has established VIP system to provide users with more comprehensive services.

*Users enjoy the following benefits:

1.Transaction Fee Discount
Level Discount Recent 30 Days Volume(BTC equivalent)
VIP 0 No discount <3 BTC
VIP 1 5% off ≥ 3 BTC
VIP 2 10% off ≥6 BTC
VIP 3 15% off ≥12 BTC
VIP 4 20% off ≥25 BTC
VIP 5 25% off ≥50 BTC
VIP 6 30% off ≥150 BTC
VIP 7 35% off ≥400 BTC
VIP 8 40% off ≥1000 BTC
VIP 9 45% off ≥2500 BTC
VIP 10 50% off ≥5000 BTC

VIP level calculation:

The VIP level is calulated according to the trading volume of the users in the past 30 days(convert to BTC), and the VIP level will be automatically upgraded when the trading volume reaches the standard (the data is calculated once a day and updated at 00:00 UTC+8). Users can retain the membership level for 2 natural months after each upgrade, and the system will recalculate the VIP level after 2 natural months.

VIP level calculation starts at 09:00 (UTC+8) on August 12, 2019.

2.TOKOK Ecology

TOKOK will offer exclusive benefits to VIP users from time to time according to their VIP level, including but not limited to:

  1. 1.Increase of rate in Supernodes program
  2. 2.Privileges for token sale in TOKOK Feature
  3. 3.VIP Airdrop
  4. 4.Ecological value added welfare


How to view VIP level:

Users can check their current level, valid time, discount and other information in the Account Center.

Note: The user ID is also the Referral Reward ID. Please refer to https://www.tokok.co/setcommend.

Recommend TOKOK to your friends, get transaction fee as commission up to 50%: https://www.tokok.com/setcommend.

TOKOK reserves the final explanation of this announcement. The information may be updated in the future, please stay tuned to the announcement.